For many beauty, health, wellness and apparel brands, November and December tend to see the highest volume thanks to Black Friday and the holidays. But with Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, February and May aren’t far behind. 

Whether they’re major or mini, these seasonal peaks can strain any organization across a range of departments – accounting, ecommerce, inventory, compliance… you name it. 

The keys to reducing that strain? 

Integration and automation. More specifically, integration and automation powered by EDI. 

Let’s run through some of the most common EDI integrations and automations that can help your business handle seasonal peaks.

EDI-ERP Integration

Integrating your ERP with your EDI platform automates numerous data entry processes that are normally prone to human error, dramatically improving efficiencies, data accuracy, reporting and forecasting. The rate at which this integration speeds up business processes is game-changing. 

Read our complete integration guide.

EDI-3PL/WMS Integration

Integrating your 3PL or your warehouse management system (WMS) with your EDI system ensures the seamless flow of data, increases supply chain efficiency and avoids costly chargebacks and slowdowns. This integration will improve inventory accuracy, order fulfillment time, and even customer service. 

Automating Drop Shipping

Drop shipping orders through trading partners is challenging. Instead of shipping a bulk quantity of items to a single location, drop shipping requires you to send a single item, directly to the consumer. It’s a time consuming process that exposes companies to error-related risks.

Some simple automation, however, makes drop shipping a breeze.

With our award-winning EDI platform, Lingo, you can pre-define order information, such as shipping weights, and have that information automatically sent to the shipping provider as soon as the order comes and accept labels and tracking information in return. Lingo can even automatically generate retailer-branded packing slips and labels too, for transmission to the warehouse/3PL for the pick, pack, and ship.

Shipping Connector

One of our most popular integrations, Shipping Connector provides a seamless connection between Lingo and major shipping providers. With this built-in feature, Lingo can automatically generate shipping labels directly from shipping providers, using the data received on orders and retailers’ account information, requirements and instructions. Shipping data is automatically integrated back on to the advanced shipping notice, or ASN, providing an integrated way to print shipping labels in multiple formats and layouts to match customers’ printers and label stocks.  

This integration significantly enhances efficiency, saving time and minimizing errors, making it particularly advantageous for dropshipping customers. Even if you're not utilizing one of the major shipping providers, we offer the flexibility to develop a custom solution tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Integrate, Automate, Save, Grow

By taking advantage of EDI-powered integrations and automations, you’ll improve operations at peak seasons, saving time (and money) while accelerating growth. 

But you don’t have to do it alone! Our in-house development and integration teams are on-call, ready to help your organization solve your unique challenges.  Start a conversation

If you need to streamline and automate your data – reach out and we will be happy to listen and help build the perfect solution for your brand

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