It’s that time of year! The G2 Fall 2023 Reports have been released and eZcom software continues to earn top rankings.

eZCom is #1 among EDI providers in the following categories:

  • Usability Index (5th report in a row)
  • Implementation Index (5th report in a row)
  • Relationship Index (3rd report in a row)
  • Results Index (3rd report in a row)

G2, a leader in the software marketplace, provides a platform for businesses and buyers alike to read reviews, see product ratings and compare software alternatives. Recent eZCom reviews on G2 include: 

“eZCom has amplified their out of the box functionalities by building customizations that empower our integrations to be seamless. They offer solutions that are user-friendly and intuitive; taking the mystery out of EDI.”

Jenna C
Senior Customer Op Excellence Manager
Mid-Market Company


“eZCom Software EDI changes the way my business exchanges documents. With a streamlined exchange of invoices, purchase orders, and shipping notifications, our software enhances efficiency, and accuracy, and minimizes errors and delays in supply chain operations, elevating overall organizational performance.”

Isaac E
Director of eCommerce
Mid-Market Company

“Our G2 recognition continues to be a testament to our team,” said eZCom’s VP of Marketing, Patti Wolkstein, “We are immensely proud of our consistent high rankings on G2’s site. We will continue to provide our customers with best in class EDI tools, integrations, and personalized support they need to scale their businesses.” 


To read more eZCom Software reviews, visit our G2 profile.

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