We understand you have multiple options when deciding how to exchange EDI documents with your retail trading partners. And those choices only grow when you begin to process orders from multiple channels, including eCommerce stores and online platforms. It’s why we work so hard to be a provider that stands out from the rest. So, why choose Lingo for EDI and order processing needs?

Fact is, EDI and order processing can be a time-consuming, expensive exercise. A frustrating one, too. But the right software provider can transform it from a requirement into a true competitive advantage. And both our platform and our people are different from our competitors.

At eZCom, we work hard to deliver solutions to our clients that let them meet the challenges of the rapidly changing retail landscape. Here’s what makes our platform and our team of experienced professionals stand out.

Automations that save time.

Key features in Lingo make EDI less time-consuming and reduce the errors that manual entry tasks create. Our in-house team of developers is constantly building solutions that let our customers replace high-touch, mistake-prone tasks with seamless automation. With Lingo, users can:

  • Send documents to trading partners according to established presets
  • Auto-populate weights of items in documents
  • Auto-pack orders that are repeated frequently
  • Send email alerts when documents are exchanged
  • Automated inventory synchronization—matching orders with stock

Unique features that make shipping fast and error-free.

If your company relies on copy-and-paste actions to generate shipping necessities such as labels, the GS1-128, or packing slips, you’re creating inefficiency. And errors. With the increase in direct-to-consumer orders and drop shipping, features that improve fulfillment have only grown more important. Lingo lets users:

  • Match weight of item with the best shipping carrier—automatically
  • Transfer order information directly to shipping providers
  • Use order information to automatically generate labels and packing slips
  • Establish presets to ensure retailer-branded packing slips meet compliance requirements

Integrations that are seamless and efficient.

As companies grow, integrating their EDI and order processing with the system that drives their business becomes essential for efficiency. While many of our competitors claim to offer seamless integration, our in-house development team actually delivers it.

Our developers have years of experience, and combine pre-built solutions with custom programming that optimizes workflow. With Lingo, companies can:

  • Integrate our platform with all major ERPs
  • Integrate our platform with accounting software
  • Integrate our platform with a WMS
  • Integrate our platform with the system used by a 3PL

Setup and support professionals who are as advanced as our software.

While we’re proud of the software we have built and constantly upgrade, it’s our people who truly set us apart.

Our Setup team understands the requirements of hundreds of retailers, and will ensure that compliance standards are met. Their expertise allows our customers to move into production with a new trading partner in days instead of weeks.

And testing? Our Setup experts know the ins-and-outs of the process, and many retailers are so confident we’ll get it right that they allow our clients to bypass the testing process entirely.

Our Support team is always just a phone call or email away. Regular business hours are 8 AM to 8 PM ET from Monday through Friday, but we have an established escalation process so you can reach someone after hours if the situation is an emergency.

Not only do our Support experts resolve problems quickly, they engage our customers in regular training and often reach out to suggest ways the Lingo platform can be utilized for even greater efficiency.

Here at eZCom, we are proud of our track record of success. Since 2000, we have been helping our customers make EDI and order processing a competitive advantage by constantly finding ways to increase automation and adapt to the ever-changing retail environment.

For us, the goal of our efforts remains the same:

Grow our clients' business

through agile solutions and exceptional customer service.

Let's talk about how Lingo can process EDI online orders more efficiently

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