Maintaining accurate inventory records is essential for success in today’s fast-paced, multichannel retail environment. Trouble is, it’s not easy. 

With orders arriving from wholesale buyers using EDI, and consumers making direct purchases through an e-commerce store, it becomes difficult to track. But there are solutions to manage inventory with EDI and e-commerce orders.

Inventory visibility for retailers. 

Today, it’s not just wholesale buyers who want to know about available stock—consumers often search a website first to see if an item is nearly sold out or available at a nearby store location for pickup. Being able to provide visibility into your inventory levels can be the difference between making or missing out on a sale.  

New channels and suppliers are added regularly when there is demand for your products. That makes the need for real-time inventory visibility more pressing. 


A seamless WMS integration

Integration brings inventory and order processing together and delivers the transparency needed in today’s retail environment. 

Ryder Ecommerce by Whiplash is a nationwide omnichannel—eCommerce, Retail, Wholesale—fulfillment provider. Integration between the Whiplash platform and Lingo, the EDI and order processing platform from eZCom, makes data transfer more fluid and increases inventory visibility. It’s a comprehensive, complete solution to manage wholesale and direct-to-consumer orders while generating accurate, updated inventory counts with every sale or return.  

With advanced automation, this integration eliminates countless time-intensive, high-touch, manual entry tasks. Data will be connected and shared seamlessly across both Lingo and Whiplash. Say goodbye to the mind-numbing detail work, and start thinking about ideas and sales strategies that will build on your current momentum.

Less time on EDI and inventory. More time for growth. 

Teams are time-stretched, whether a nascent e-commerce business or an established brand. To ease the challenges of selling through multiple channels and retailers, suppliers can rely on Whiplash’s integration with eZCom. Together, we provide a complete solution to manage eCommerce data, inventory, orders, and fulfillment across both direct-to-consumer and retail.

That means more time to focus on what your business does best, and less time spent on the kind of tasks that no one loves. Discover the integration solution—Whiplash and eZCom—that gives you full control over orders, inventory, and fulfillment.

Our partners at Ryder powered by Whiplash did a deep dive on the effects of omnichannel selling, and we were invited to contribute our thoughts on the topic. Download our new Guide!


Omnichannel Expectations that are shaping the storefront


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