eZCom Software Earns Multiple #1 Rankings in G2’s Spring 2023 Reports
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Questions to Ask Your Prospective EDI Provider

Evaluating EDI providers? Here are the key questions you need to ask…

Read More May 17, 2023
Two folders showing data moving while a person is working on a computer Two folders showing data moving while a person is working on a computer
EDI Compliance: What It Is and How to Achieve It

Three tips to put your product in more places. A major trading partner has agreed to carry your products. Congrats! But now you have to step up your game even more with EDI compliance. But first, let’s take a step back……

Read More May 10, 2023
Person using a computer in a warehouse to work on EDI Person using a computer in a warehouse to work on EDI
How to Get the Most Out of Your EDI-WMS Integration

An electronic data interchange (EDI) system powers the communication of business transactions, such as purchase orders, confirmations, invoices and shipping updates, between suppliers and retailers. —these and many other transactions can be handled by EDI. A warehouse management system (WMS) helps companies manage all aspects of the warehouse — from the moment goods arrive to the moment they depart. When these two systems are integrated, good things happen. Here’s how to get the most out of your EDI-WMS integration…

Read More April 25, 2023
Score meter in the green Score meter in the green
Retailer Scorecards: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

When the supplier-retailer relationship is running smoothly, both parties are happy. When there are hiccups, neither are. A retailer scorecard helps keep the relationship copacetic, mutually beneficial and primed for new opportunities. And you can think of it exactly as what you might be envisioning: a report card…

Read More April 6, 2023
EDI written out EDI written out
How Does EDI Work?

A High-Level Overview of Electronic Data Interchange How does EDI (or, electronic data interchange) work? Good question. There’s a short answer and a long answer. And since everyone is tight on time these days, let’s start with the short… EDI is the electronic communication of business documents such as purchase orders, confirmations, invoices, shipping updates, and more, between suppliers and retailers. Each document is associated with a three digit code.* Before we dive deeper into how EDI works, first check out our What is EDI? primer. Some retailers will require numerous EDI documents. Others will only utilize a few. It all depends on each retailer’s compliance standards. But one thing is for sure: When a supplier is compliant with a…

Read More March 21, 2023
Person working at a computer Person working at a computer
Switching EDI Providers: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Switching EDI providers sounds daunting, but with the right mindset and preparation the task isn’t as tall as you think it is. Here’s what to expect and how to prepare…

Read More March 9, 2023
person on the phone in her office person on the phone in her office
EDI Testing—Here's What You Need to Know

Congrats! A major retailer wants to carry your product! That spells distribution, brand awareness, revenue and… Testing. Specifically, EDI testing. As you likely know, virtually all retailers require EDI compliance from their suppliers. It’s how they ensure that elements of the relationship are economically viable. Timeliness. Accuracy. Predictability…

Read More February 14, 2023
Person using a computer while we see files automated Person using a computer while we see files automated
EDI Automation: Best Practices, Pro Tips and Expected Outcomes

Software pulled EDI out of the fax era. Now automation is optimizing it, helping businesses drive more productivity and revenue while mitigating risks and costs. But here’s the thing: Just as EDI software felt like a daunting departure from faxing, the mere mention of the word “automation” sometimes makes people sweat. How do I even get started? What’s the time investment? How will this impact my retailer relationships? So let’s break EDI automation down and walk through some manageable best practices, pro tips and what you can expect to get out of it…

Read More January 31, 2023
EDI Documents: The 820

Often referred to as the Payment Remittance Advice, the Order Remittance Advice or simply The Remittance Advice, the EDI 820 informs the supplier that the retailer has received an invoice, otherwise known as the EDI 810…

Read More January 25, 2023
Person working on a computer Person working on a computer
How EDI Integrations Help Rapid Growth Companies Scale

For many brands experiencing rapid growth through trading partnerships with major retailers, scaling up efficiently (and profitably) isn’t always easy. It’s a pedal-to-the-metal pursuit of production, brand building, marketing, sales and meeting expectations. But it’s also paying attention to and optimizing the less sexy business functions and systems that actually make scale possible. One of those systems? Electronic data interchange, or EDI…

Read More January 17, 2023