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How EDI Integrations Help Rapid Growth Companies Scale
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Supply Chain Demand Planning 101

Supply chain demand planning is the crystal ball of the business world. Imagine if every time you went grocery shopping, you knew exactly how much milk, bread, and eggs you'd need for the week ahead. That's what demand planning does for companies, but on a much larger scale. At its core, demand planning is all about predicting what customers will want and when they'll want it. Sounds like a guessing game, right? Yes… But not really…

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Supply Chain Visibility Supply Chain Visibility
Enhancing Supply Chain Visibility: Simple Strategies for Brands

In today's dynamic business landscape, supply chain visibility is no longer just a buzzword; it's a necessity. With consumers demanding transparency and agility, brands must prioritize improving their supply chain visibility to stay competitive and resilient. Fortunately, there are several straightforward strategies that brands can adopt to enhance that visibility. Let’s dig in…

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How EDI-Powered Integrations and Automations Can Help Brands Manage Peak Volumes

For many beauty, health, wellness and apparel brands, November and December tend to see the highest volume thanks to Black Friday and the holidays. But with Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, February and May aren’t far behind. Whether they’re major or mini, these seasonal peaks can strain any organization across a range of departments – accounting, ecommerce, inventory, compliance… you name it. The keys to reducing that strain? Integration and automation. More specifically, integration and automation powered by EDI. Let’s run through some of the most common EDI integrations and automations that can help your business handle seasonal peaks…

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What to Do When All of Your Legacy Systems Are Outdated

We occasionally encounter brands that have old systems. They're running on a legacy ERP. Their EDI platform is on-site instead of cloud-based. They do their accounting in spreadsheets. These old systems persist for a variety of reasons. Some will tell us that’s just how they’ve always done things. Others are hesitant to invest in upgrades even though they know they should. But the reality is this:…

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EDI Software: Features and Benefits to Look For

When a business is required to bake EDI into their system, they usually start by… Figuring out what EDI exactly is, and… Gathering an understanding of the features they need…

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Process Wholesale, eCommerce Store, and Online Marketplace Orders the Same Way Process Wholesale, eCommerce Store, and Online Marketplace Orders the Same Way
How to Process Wholesale, eCommerce and Online Marketplace Orders the Same Way

In today’s omnichannel world of retail, keeping things simple feels impossible. You’re processing orders wholesale. You have an eCommerce platform where you sell direct. You sell through online marketplaces like Amazon. And there will probably be something new tomorrow. But there’s an unexpected way to simplify the chaos and bring everything into one place. And chances are, it’s already a part of one piece of your workflow……

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EDI Provider Options: What’s Best for Your Business?

You’ve just been told you need to get EDI, or electronic data interchange, set up for your business. Where do you start? With the basics: What is EDI? What are your options? Which one makes the most sense for you?…

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How to Manage Multiple Warehouses How to Manage Multiple Warehouses
How to Manage Multiple Warehouses

With an ever changing retail landscape, shopping patterns shift and inventory maintenance becomes challenging. For suppliers, this creates the need for multiple warehouses…

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Should I use an API for EDI? Should I use an API for EDI?
Should I use an API for EDI?

Too often, discussions surrounding EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and APIs (Application Programming Interface) are framed as a fierce B2B technology debate. It's a false choice. As a user of technology, you're not stuck choosing one solution over the other, and in today's world of B2B data exchange, it's unlikely you can abandon EDI just because you have an API. The real question to consider is: should I use an API for EDI?…

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EDI Automation: Best Practices, Pro Tips and Expected Outcomes

Software pulled EDI out of the fax era. Now automation is optimizing it, helping businesses drive more productivity and revenue while mitigating risks and costs. But here’s the thing: Just as EDI software felt like a daunting departure from faxing, the mere mention of the word “automation” sometimes makes people sweat. How do I even get started? What’s the time investment? How will this impact my retailer relationships? So let’s break EDI automation down and walk through some manageable best practices, pro tips and what you can expect to get out of it…

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